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Introducing Sonic Synapse Records Playlists - SSRI Season 1

We love records, so it naturally follows that we have a lot of records. Some might say TOO many records, and we might retort that there’s no such thing. Regardless, there’s something magical about falling in love with a band you’ve never heard of, or even a song you’ve never heard by a band you’re familiar with. Do you also fall down the google rabbit hole, needing to find out every detail about the artist’s history, what other bands you might know them from, and their whole discography?

On the opposite side of the coin, what’s more satisfying and endorphin-releasing than re-listening to your favorite artists and songs? This is precisely why we’ve decided to share our Spotify playlists with you.

Each month, allow us to play DJ for you as we share our bite-sized, album-length playlists of artists and songs we love. Believe us, it takes a lot of restraint to limit our lists to 15 songs, at least for now. Our hope is to give you both sides of the coin: charge you up with old favorites, and maybe even expose you to some new favorites.

  1. Hüsker Dü | Something I Learned Today

  2. Mission of Burma | That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate

  3. Pavement | In The Mouth A Desert

  4. Built To Spill | Reasons

  5. Cheap Trick | Mandocello

  6. Young Marble Giants | Credit In The Straight World

  7. Alex G | Snot

  8. Women | Shaking Hand

  9. Flower Travellin’ Band | Satori Part I

  10. Fuzz | What’s In My Head

  11. Mrs. Magician | There’s No God

  12. Ovlov | The Great Alligator

  13. Ty Segall | Finger

  14. Helvetia | RyBro

  15. Youth Of Today | Honesty


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